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The Singing Pianist & Singing Violinist


Timothy & Hosanna providentially met in 2016 at the National Quartet Convention (NQC), a gospel music event held annually in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  They were married in June, 2019.  They have three children: Joshua, Jeremiah and Eliana.  The Nobles reside in the great state of Ohio. There is no doubt that God brought this couple together.


They travel full-time, along with other family members, doing concerts for churches, organizations and special events. 

It is their desire that you not only enjoy the talent God has blessed them with, but that you truly get the message of the music they present.  The programs are meant to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to  encourage and uplift fellow Christians.  Most importantly, they want to bring honor and glory to our great and mighty God!

Timothy began to exhibit his God-given musical talent at the age of three.  He would come home from church, sit at the piano, and play the hymns he heard in the service.  Seeing something special, his parents enrolled him in a program called "Music For Young Children," which he participated in until he began private piano lessons at the age of six.

Even from that early age, it has been Timothy's desire to honor God with his music.  He expresses that desire with his passion and love of sacred music and the great hymns of the church. Through the years, God not only blessed him with a tremendous talent on the piano, but He also gifted him with a marvelous singing voice.

Hosanna's love for music became apparent when her mother began giving her music lessons at the age of five.  She loved singing, but soon she was drawn to the violin and has been playing and singing ever since.

When it was apparent that she wanted to pursue her dream even more, Hosanna enrolled in the "Stamps-Baxter School Of Music," in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was privileged to study voice under the direction of the great Allison Speer.  Prior to meeting Timothy, she traveled for five years performing concerts with her family across the United States.

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